Team amd

What is Team AMD?

In order to run the fair as well as possible, we need your help! Team AMD consists of a group of students who will help us during the fair days 20-22 February 2024, with everything from helping companies and answering questions that arise, to building stands and taking care of student & company lounges. 

This group will be the board's right hand in roles such as fair hosts, company hosts, contact call hosts and team leaders. The responsibility for the fair still rests with the board, so being part of the team is just fun and educational! Regardless of which program you are studying, all students are welcome and no previous experience is required. 

You will have the opportunity to be part of a wonderful group who during these days will help as team leaders, fair hosts, company hosts or contact call hosts. As part of the team, you will help build the fair, help during the fair days, meet visitors and companies and get to know other students. 

If you want the chance to experience this fantastic fair with us and also collect some VG points, it is a perfect opportunity to apply to Team AMD. Joining Team AMD is not only an opportunity to build a network that will benefit you after you graduate, but also an opportunity to make like-minded friends for life. 

Of course, we will organize a kickoff and your participation will then end with a thank-you session. 

Read more about the four roles below.

The application is closed.

Fair host

As a fair host, you are responsible for the information desk and wardrobes as well as lounges for both companies and students during the lecture day and the fair day. You will work together with the others in your team to make the practical aspects of the fair work. 

Being a fair host suits you who think it's fun to work in a team and want varied tasks. Here you take turns with the tasks so that you get the chance to be part of several different parts of the fair. You will also have a lot of contact with the students who visit the fair and help them during the day. Good qualities in you as a fair host are that you like to collaborate, are social and solution-oriented and want to be the link between students and companies.

Company host

As a company host, you act as the companyies right hand. You will have at least one specific company to help and guide during the fair day. In your role as company host, you provide your company with all the help they could possibly need, you welcome the company in the morning, you help, for example, to set up the stand but also to answer questions during the day. 

Before the day of the fair, you will email and contact your company(s) and inform them about the fair, which allows you to make valuable contacts and get closer to your company, which can be an advantage for the future. The role of company host suits you who want to work close to the companies, are good at meeting needs and like to be social.

Contact call host

As a contact interview host, you will partly help the companies that have contact calls but also the students who are going on an interviews to, among other things, find the right room and company. You are also helpful during the day for both the companies and the students by answering questions that may arise. This role suits you who want to work close to the companies, are good at communicating and like to collaborate in a small group.


We will also be looking for a few team leaders for each host group. As a team leader, you have a extra responsibility and act as the link between the hosts and us on the board. In addition to the tasks for your specific host position, you are also responsible for a group of around 10 other students during the fair days. 

The role of team leader suits you who like a little more responsibility and leading, are social and communicative and don't back down to get things done. As a team leader, you are also responsible for contacting us at the board if there is something you need help with during the fair.